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TEDxGreshamPlace is a Durban based organization that celebrates great ideas and forges them into actions. This platform is built around (the world renown) TED’s ideal of “Ideas Worth Spreading” and officially licensed TEDxGreshamPlaceconferences and activities.
There are many great ideas scattered throughout our community, and around the globe, however they are not noticed or appreciated as they should be. We believe by discovering these great ideas, empowering their voices, and bringing them together with people who will make a difference, ideas will turn into actions.

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Many of us, leaders and innovators, at a very pivotal stage of our lives, are over-burdened with our perception and perspective of the world. We become stubborn to accept the radically changing world because we love to be comfortable in our own nest of thoughts. The 4th edition of TEDxGreshamPlace will amplify ideas through speakers who will push our community to radically re-frame our thought process and provide a new perspective and a clear perception of the present. So that, learning never stops, innovation breaks boundaries and mankind creates a better future.

Up to 6
guests Speakers
650 sqm
(6997 sqft)
15 Minutes
from City Center
What is TED
What is TEDx

TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design is an organization on the media that has online free distribution talks. Its slogan is ideas worth spreading, and it was founded in 1984. Its primary focus is having talks on science, culture and academic topics.


TEDx, on the other hand, is an independent event like TED and anyone can organize it. Individuals who want to host a TEDx event are required to obtain a license from TED that shows that they have agreed to follow particular principles. They are non-profit events, but they may have an admission fee to cover their expenses.



TEDX GreshamPlace: REFRXME – Devoted to spreading ideas 12.11.2022

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